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HP Compatible Toners

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WeP Compatible Toner Cartridge for HP18A (CF218A) with Integrated Chip

The "WeP Compatible Toner Cartridge with Chip HP 18A (CF218A) Toner" is tailored for use in HP LaserJet printers that support the HP 18A toner cartridge. Here's a detailed overview: **1. Compatibility:** This toner cartridge is thoughtfully crafted to function seamlessly with HP LaserJet Pro printers that are compatible with the HP 18A (CF218A) toner cartridge. It's crucial to verify the compatibility of your specific printer model with this cartridge before making a purchase. **2. Page Yield:** The page yield of a toner cartridge generally corresponds to the number of pages it can reliably print before requiring replacement. HP 18A cartridges typically offer a standard page yield, which may vary depending on factors such as the content of printed pages and printer settings. **3. Quality:** WeP is a renowned brand recognized for manufacturing compatible toner cartridges that meet or even surpass the quality and performance benchmarks set by original HP cartridges. Expect reliable and high-quality prints with WeP products. **4. Chip Technology:** The inclusion of "chip" in the product name suggests that this cartridge likely incorporates a smart chip. Smart chips play a pivotal role in communicating with the printer, providing real-time information on toner levels and other cartridge status updates. **5. Installation:** Installing a compatible toner cartridge is typically a straightforward process, akin to installing an original HP cartridge. Adhering to the manufacturer's provided instructions ensures a hassle-free and proper installation. **6. Cost Savings:** One of the primary benefits of opting for compatible toner cartridges is the potential for cost savings when compared to original HP cartridges. These alternatives often offer a budget-friendly solution while maintaining commendable print quality. Before finalizing your purchase of a compatible toner cartridge, it's imperative to confirm its compatibility with your specific printer model. Additionally, consider factors such as page yield and print quality to ensure it aligns with your printing requirements. Always choose reputable suppliers to guarantee the product's quality and reliability.
₹ 4,199.00 कर समावेश

WeP Universal Compatible Toner Cartridge for HP 388A

Upgrade your printing experience with the WeP Universal Compatible Toner Cartridge for HP 388A. This high-quality cartridge offers reliable performance and compatibility with a range of HP printers, ensuring sharp and consistent prints with every page.
₹ 2,414.00 कर समावेश