Starting a Business - Perspective of a common man

Today We will start with a small imaginary scenario which many businessmen have faced in real life.

Dheeraj decided to start a business after 10 years of his working experience in a software company in Bangalore. His first love was always food. So he thought to open a restaurant named “Swaad Apnepan Ka”. Through this he wanted to cater to the needs of basically the north Indians. He started with all north Indian delicacies. The idea turned out good & very soon his restaurant witnessed a huge flow of customers. Till some time the feeling was good for dheeraj, but gradually she felt a lot of problems. With the increase of customers, the orders also increased which led to confusions, complications.

For e.g,

  1. one customer’s order is going to someone else.
  2. Something is ordered & something else is prepared.
  3. Billing was not proper.
  4. Because of non-availability of proper sales record loss is happening.
  5. Doubt on Employees that they are cheating.
  6. Manual calculations are turning hectic & sometimes errors are also visible.
  7. Without proper track of sales, loss is happening but he was unable to track it.
  8. The customers queue is getting long day by day thus irritating the customers.

Dheeraj got tensed about this and realized he needs to do something. Then one such day when he went to supplier for the grocery shopping of his restaurant, he noticed a billing machine (BP-JOY) with him.


It tricked in his head that he can get something like this for his restaurant too. Instantly he got the product name from the supplier. After returning, he googled about the product and landed on . He saw a lot of products and got confused which one to buy. He contacted them and got a good idea of which product will be suitable for him. The two products that he shortlisted are BP-2100 & JOYPOS .


After a lot of brainstorming he decided to go for BP-2100 as he do not want to go for touchscreen facility.

Now he can see a lot of profits out of the Rs 25,725 machine :-

  1. Customers are happy.
  2. Customers are getting exactly what they order.
  3. Customers are not needed to wait for longer period.
  4. Exact record of sales is available thus profit/loss is clearly calculated.
  5. The proper inventory management is helping him to order the supplier in correct time.
  6. Without investing any huge amount on PC connections and he got all the data backup.
  7. The process is cost effective as many savings are done with a minimum investment.
  8. The restaurant is now looking more modernize & professional.
  9. The machine is small,compact and easy to use.
  10. The customers number is increasing.

Finally he is happy now with his business.

So this is the story of dheeraj. Learn from this and be prepared even before getting into the trouble.

Content & scripted by:-

Mamina Panda

Trainee- Digital Marketing

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