WeP T1 Partners meet and Training - 11-11-19

Thursday, January 9, 2020

WeP has conducted T1 Partner meet at Baddi on 11.11.19 as a part of Channel Engagement process. T1 partners of North Region were invited for one day Training and Factory visit. The location we choose for this was Baddi where our factory is located. In total, 15 T1 partners have attended the program from various North Location.

The main aim of the meet was to train them about Joy Pos, BP 85 T Plus and BP 2100. The training was conducted by WeP Team. It was an interactive session where partners were able to clarify their doubts and gain more knowledge about the products. We believe in continuous knowledge sharing as that will make a quality sale & will create a good reputation for our company.

Partners were given the opportunity to visit the factory and see how the printers were manufactured. They interacted with different departments of WeP like customer support, R& D and operations team. This will build up more confidence among the partners. During the factory visit, We also arranged a tree sampling program in the factory garden through which they felt connected with mother earth. This was an initiative for rebuilding our nature.

Partners were given an opportunity to have a session with our Managing Director Mr Ram N Agarwal. It gave them a vision about the company’s long-term goal. His session was mainly on Customer and how to stay connected with customer so that we can be mutually benefited. He also announced about our recent association with Ricoh for India distribution.
Ricoh was introduced to partners and this will be a new business opportunity for them. Wep beliefs in giving new business opportunity to existing partners through a selection process.

All T1 partners were charged up with the event and will be able to grow in their respective location. We hope that this will help us to grow together in a better way.

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