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WeP BP 2100 Emerge

The WeP BP-2100 Emerge is a modern retail billing printer that prioritizes customer experience while also providing numerous features for invoicing, inventory management, and customizable reports. This WIFI-enabled and cloud-ready printer sends an invoice to your customer's mobile device while printing it. It can connect to the cloud and upload data to local servers, ensuring seamless customer journeys across storefronts and POS devices.
₹ 32,000.00 incl tax

WeP BP Emerge 25T (wi-fi)

Introducing the WeP BP-EMERGE 25T, a new addition to WeP's Retail Billing Printers category. The WeP BP-EMERGE 25T allows for the real-time sending of SMS sales reports and bills. With a soft-touch keyboard featuring 16 keys and the ability to generate 2-inch bill receipts, this product is an ideal choice for businesses such as groceries, restaurants, fast food counters, and juice parlors.
₹ 14,600.00 incl tax

WeP BP Joy Pro

Looking for an affordable billing printer? Consider the BP JOY Pro! This entry-level product is perfect for small shops, bakeries, juice shops, and cafes. It boasts a storage capacity of 1100 items and can accommodate up to 15 user logins. Plus, it's incredibly versatile with the ability to generate 11 different types of reports that can be easily downloaded to a USB drive. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 9844019119. We're here to help!
₹ 9,000.00 incl tax

TH 400 Pro

Introducing the TH 400 Pro billing printer to the range of retail billing printers from WeP solutions Limited. TH 400 Pro comes with features of High printing speed of 200 mm/sec, High Quality printing of 203 DPI. Our happy customers include Garment Showrooms, Bookshops, Pizza chains. Toll Gates, Jewellery shops, Electric and water departments, Hotels and Restaurants, Coffee shops.
₹ 13,900.00 incl tax

WeP BP 1100 Joy

We are excited to introduce the WeP BP 1100 Joy, the newest retail billing printer from WeP Solutions Limited. This printer boasts 51 convenient hotkeys, the ability to connect to a pendrive, and the option for weighing scale connectivity. Additionally, the BP 1100 Joy is the most cost-effective billing printer in its category, offering a 2 inch billing option.
₹ 17,000.00 incl tax


WeP JoyPos Elite is a cutting-edge point-of-sale (POS) system designed to elevate business operations. It offers features such as efficient order processing, customer database management, promotions and loyalty programs, speedy and accurate billing, paperless options, inventory control, and robust analytics. With WeP JoyPos Elite, businesses can enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and stay competitive in today's market.
₹ 55,000.00 incl tax

BP- Emerge Basic (4- Line Display)

Introducing the WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display), the latest innovation in WeP's Retail Billing Printers category. Designed to elevate your business operations, this cutting-edge printer offers advanced features for seamless transaction management. With the WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display), you can harness the power of real-time transaction updates via SMS using WiFi connectivity. Stay well-informed about your business transactions from anywhere, empowering you to oversee and optimize your business more effectively. **Key Features:** 1. **Real-Time Transaction SMS:** The WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display) empowers you to receive real-time transaction updates through SMS, utilizing WiFi connectivity. Stay seamlessly connected to your business and gain insights into transactions as they unfold. 2. **Remote Business Monitoring:** Capitalize on SMS updates to remotely monitor your business operations. Whether you're on the move or managing multiple locations, you can maintain control and make well-informed decisions. 3. **16 Keys Soft Touch Keypad:** The printer boasts a user-friendly 16-key soft touch keypad, streamlining navigation and input of essential information. This guarantees a smooth and efficient billing process. 4. **3-Inch Receipt Generation:** The WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display) generates clear and comprehensive 3-inch receipts, furnishing customers with detailed transaction information. 5. **Versatile Business Suitability:** Tailored for diverse businesses, including Grocery Outlets, Bakeries, Restaurants, Hotels, Sweet Outlets, and more. The product's versatility adapts to a wide range of retail environments. For those seeking a hassle-free setup, we offer pre-installation services that ensure your WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display) is operational from the outset. To avail this service, kindly complete the pre-installation template found in the attachment section of the product. Once done, kindly forward the template to Elevate your business operations with the WeP BP-EMERGE BASIC (4-Line Display), and embrace the convenience of real-time transaction monitoring and efficient billing processes. Stay connected, stay informed, and propel your business to new heights.
₹ 19,500.00 incl tax excluding shipping