How to run a business smoothly

Starting a business was not so easy in ancient days. But now we can easily go for it. The campaigns like make in india, digital india are there for us to help out. We can get funding easily. Even there are a lot of business ideas which will help you start one with just an investment of Rs 10000. Some of them are travel agency, mobile recharge shop, fruit juice center, tuition center, tiffin center, tailor business, wedding consultant, bakery, beauty parlour, youtuber, blogging, event planner, photographer, book stall, tea stall, music school, food truck, etc.


The word “entrepreneur” has become very popular in the recent days. Every entrepreneur has a story to tell whether it is a success story or a failure. There are all kind of good and bad experiences. Every step towards future has it’s fair share of risks and barriers. All we can do is keep trying.


Technology is so advanced now a days that it has balanced many things. For e.g, Suppose you are running a restaurant business. The things that you have to take care of are grocery, cook, waiters, billing, cleaner, infrastructure, promotions, food quality, necessary bills, etc. With so many responsibilities, you need to keep a balance. We have various POS (Point of sale) products to help you out with billing, taking orders. The KOT(kitchen order ticket) is a written document which is provided to the kitchen for preparing the food as per order. This helps the right customer to get the right order. It provides you all the details like table number, items ordered, date, time, quantity to make the process ease.

A product by WeP to make it easy to handle daily hustle of your business

Similarly, many other products are available in market. WeP is one of those POS machines provider which has varieties of products of good quality available in affordable price. Products with KOT facilities, language setting, with/without battery, bluetooth facility, USB/PC/Weighing Scale/Barcode scanner connectivity & many more are already there in the market. Our R&D team will be coming up with more advanced products in future.


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Dt- 11-11-2019

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