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This is submitted by our employee Ravi Teja. He has worked with WeP for 2.5 yrs. The blog is about the plan of WeP based on his experience.


The plan of WeP is to provide innovative & better solution to small and medium scale enterprises for their billing problems. The new tax policies by government like GST has given a tough time to the SMEs. WeP has a solution to this problem. It provides billing machines with a feature of GST amount calculation. This facility will give security to owner with billing and reports. They will be protected from the unnecessary hassle of taxation. Currently, We came up with a new product “joypos” which has many additional benefits like cloud application, providing bill to bill update to owners, access report via mobile app, easy inventory management, convenient payment modes, inbuilt power back within the device, customize options, external device connectivity, & many more.


Customer needs to be treated like a king. Therefore, We at WeP considering their problem always come up with good quality products in affordable price. Large scale sellers can invest a lot amount for accounting. But medium and small scale sellers can't spend amount a lot, thus, suffering a lot. So WEP is only planning to give same solution to medium and small businesses, thus, providing them a helping hand to grow.


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Ravi Teja  

Retail sales executive

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Mamina Panda

Trainee - Digital marketing

Dt. 13-11-2019

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