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Blog posts of '2019' 'November'

Motive of WeP

This is submitted by our employee Ravi Teja. He has worked with WeP for 2.5 yrs. The blog is about the plan of WeP based on his experience.

The plan of WeP is to provide innovative & better solution to small and medium scale enterprises for their billing problems. The new tax policies by government like GST has given a tough time to the SMEs. WeP has a solution to this problem. It provides billing machines with a feature of GST amount calculation. This facility will give security to owner with billing and reports. They will be protected from the unnecessary hassle of taxation. Currently, We came up with a new product “joypos” which has many additional benefits like cloud application, providing bill to bill update to owners, access report via mobile app, easy inventory management, convenient payment modes, inbuilt power back within the device, customize options, external device connectivity, & many more.

Customer needs to be treated like a king. Therefore, We at WeP considering their problem always come up with good quality products in affordable price. Large scale sellers can invest a lot amount for accounting. But medium and small scale sellers can't spend amount a lot, thus, suffering a lot. So WEP is only planning to give same solution to medium and small businesses, thus, providing them a helping hand to grow.

Content by :-

Ravi Teja

Retail sales executive

Scripted by :-

Mamina Panda

Trainee - Digital marketing

Dt. 13-11-2019

How to run a business smoothly

Starting a business was not so easy in ancient days. But now we can easily go for it. The campaigns like make in india, digital india are there for us to help out. We can get funding easily. Even there are a lot of business ideas which will help you start one with just an investment of Rs 10000. Some of them are travel agency, mobile recharge shop, fruit juice center, tuition center, tiffin center, tailor business, wedding consultant, bakery, beauty parlour, youtuber, blogging, event planner, photographer, book stall, tea stall, music school, food truck, etc.

The word “entrepreneur” has become very popular in the recent days. Every entrepreneur has a story to tell whether it is a success story or a failure. There are all kind of good and bad experiences. Every step towards future has it’s fair share of risks and barriers. All we can do is keep trying.

Technology is so advanced now a days that it has balanced many things. For e.g, Suppose you are running a restaurant business. The things that you have to take care of are grocery, cook, waiters, billing, cleaner, infrastructure, promotions, food quality, necessary bills, etc. With so many responsibilities, you need to keep a balance. We have various POS (Point of sale) products to help you out with billing, taking orders. The KOT(kitchen order ticket) is a written document which is provided to the kitchen for preparing the food as per order. This helps the right customer to get the right order. It provides you all the details like table number, items ordered, date, time, quantity to make the process ease.

A product by WeP to make it easy to handle daily hustle of your business

Similarly, many other products are available in market. WeP is one of those POS machines provider which has varieties of products of good quality available in affordable price. Products with KOT facilities, language setting, with/without battery, bluetooth facility, USB/PC/Weighing Scale/Barcode scanner connectivity & many more are already there in the market. Our R&D team will be coming up with more advanced products in future.

To know more about our products please scroll through our website

Scripted By,

Mamina Panda

Trainee - digital marketing

Dt- 11-11-2019

Modern India Modern Technology - WeP

                          Modern India Modern Technology - WeP

As India is racing towards a digital platform in a very fast pace each & every one need to lend a helping hand. WeP retail billing printers is just trying to bring a revolutionary change in the retail sector of modern India with it’s technology driven products.

The future of our retail business unit is extremely enticing. From survey we came to know that Total consumption expenditure is predicted to reach nearly US$ 3,600 billion by 2020 from US$ 1,824 billion in 2017. It accounts for over 10 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around 8 per cent of the employment. India is the world’s fifth-largest global destination in the retail space.

Retail market in India is projected to grow from an estimated US$ 672 billion in 2017 to US$ 1,200 billion in 2021. Online retail sales are forecasted to grow at the rate of 31 per cent year-on-year to reach US$ 32.70 billion in 2018. India is expected to become the world’s fastest growing market.

The product that we sell are billing printers. Be it a supermarket, vegetable shops, meat shops, medical stores, milk parlour, bakery, grocery, stationery, beauty parlors. What business do you want to start with? WeP is there to help you out by providing you a wonderful experience of running a business.

Gone are those days where we need to do everything manually. Taking an example of a restaurant business. Earlier we need to take orders, prepare bills, calculations, tallying, then receiving money from the customer. With the newest technologies in market, WeP has products in many varieties for these day-to-day activities. Depending on your requirement you can get the best one for you.

Like every other company we too have a bunch of competitors. But the best thing with our products is that it is available in affordable prices. We have our website where you can check out the specifications and order the product.

So it is time to bring the change in the practice of your running business.
Be smart choose the best one.